Phil’s Birthday

Tomorrow 22nd January is Phil’s Birthday. Had he lived he would have been 71. We have not forgotten you Phil and we have not been idle. We have finished editing the film from the Tribute Concert PHIL MILLER – A LIFE IN MUSIC at the Vortex on jan 6th 2019 and we are waiting for the soundtrack to be edited, so you will soon be able to see the results here on the website.

Another piece of good news is that the long – awaited second Miller/Baker Duo CD is on its way! Phil and Fred Baker have been recording the music for this CD ever since they brought out the original CD DOUBLE UP in 1992. It has been an ongoing project that occupied them every time Fred came to stay with us, whether he came for In Cahoots rehearsals, the Guildhall Summer School, gigs or whatever, he and Phil would be working away in his studio. When Phil died and Fred and I looked for this material. We were mystified as search as we might we just couldn’t find it. More than 2 years later I found the tapes! They had been there all along but I had foolishly thought they were video tapes that I had been unable to play. This is because the recording had been done via Phil’s ADAT machine which uses 8 track tapes that look identical to the old video tapes of yesteryear. The wonderful Benj Lefevre took them to a studio in Brixton and had them transposed into WAV files and has been busy mixing the tracks. We hope to bring out the new CD DOUBLE UP 2 in the not too distant future under the Crescent Disc label.

And from Italy comes the news that the Artchipel Orchestra have just finished recording a tribute CD to Phil, featuring the titles Truly Yours, Eastern Region, Second Sight,Above and Below, Calyx, Godsong and Nan True’s Hole. This CD will be coming out in the spring. It will be fascinating to hear Phil’s music being played by this brilliant group.

And for his birthday here is the latest of my series of portraits:


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  1. thanks so much for all you do to keep Phil’s music alive. i share Phil’s birthday, so all of this news is like a present for me!


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