Jeff Green interview: Django Reinhardt – Stephane Grappelli – Nigel Kennedy.

In this penultimate episode of Aymeric’s interview with the guitarist Jeff Green, we hear how Jeff returned to the acoustic guitar, rediscovered the music of Django Reinhardt while playing with violinist Mike Piggott in the Chris Francis Quartet, played with bassist Jim Richardson’s Be-bop Quartet Pogo, joined the Stephane Grappelli Quartet with Martin Taylor and Alec Dankworth and became part of Nigel Kennedy’s ‘Wasp Factory’.

In Cahoots: new drummer rehearsal & Progman Cometh Festival 2002

When Pip Pyle left In Cahoots in 2002 to form his own band, Phil’s choice for a replacement was Mark Fletcher, fondly known as Fletch. There was no need to introduce Fletch as he was well known to everybody in the band – you would be hard pressed to find any musician on the scene that he hadn’t played with. In July 2002 Phil called a try out/rehearsal for Fletch before their upcoming performance in Seattle a few weeks later…


In Cahoots Tokyo 2001

We are all very excited about this week’s posting: the newly discovered tapes of Tribute to the Love Generation in Tokyo 2001 where In Cahoots played two great concerts on the 8th and 9th of December. The band were in tip top form and the music was at it’s best with a brand new set list. Everyone played really well and to top it all it was brilliantly recorded by one of Phil’s greatest friends: the inspired sound engineer Benj LeFevre. We decided to post both these superb concerts together and also updated the video of this event with the new sound track. So here it is in all it’s glory. Enjoy!